ARART Double Sense

2013 | exhibition, app, arart

We held an exhibition “ARART Double Sense” by ARART project at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, Korea. Culture Station 284 is a reformed building of old Seoul Station recognized as a historical structure.

And at night, we showed the ARART animations on a very huge screen LED wall (w.100m h.80m) on Seoul Square Media Canvas in front of Seoul Station.
This is an experiment for “ARART” how it works in public space.

ARART Double Sense
June 21 – August 31, 2013
Culture Station 284 and Seoul Square Media Canvas / Seoul, KOREA
Artists’ Talk: Masayuki AKAMATSU, Yutaka KITAMURA, Takeshi MUKAI, Younghyo BAK, Hyojung SEO, Hoonida KIM

Seoul Square

Culture Station 284

Seoul Square Media Canvas – GOmotion (YouTube)



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ARART Double Sense

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