ARART Exhibition

2012 | exhibition, app, arart, poster design

We held an exhibition “ARART Exhibition” at ATTIC, Sapporo, Japan.

It’s become a challenge to define reality in a modern world that blurs the line between analog and digital. “ARART” system links what we see on our mobile devices with the world around us to transform the texture of our reality. How will “ARART” change how we look at paintings, books, street signs, logos, and who knows what else? What becomes of copyrights and publicity rights in this expanded, manipulated space? This is an exhibition that explores this potential of the “ARART” system.

ARART Exhibition : Kei Shiratori, Takeshi Mukai, Younghyo Bak
August 27 – September 01, 2012
ATTIC / Sapporo, JAPAN


2012- | app, alternate reality


FILE Festival

2013-2015 | exhibition, app, arart


“The Girl with a Pearl Earring” Motion for ARART

2012 | animation, illustration


ICC Kids Program 2013

2013 | exhibition, workshop, app, arart


ARART Exhibition

2012 | exhibition, app, arart, poster design


ARART Double Sense

2013 | exhibition, app, arart



2011 | app, installation, lighting system



2011 | app, animation



2012 | app, human detection, computer visions


Tears for Colors.

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Shabondama deco.

2010 | installation, lighting system