2012 | app, human detection, computer visions

“Save your life, much smarter and simpler.”
“iLook” is an epoch-making app you’ve never experienced.
“iLook” can detect human beings.

Try pointing “iLook” to someone or setting up “iLook” somewhere, “iLook” can alert, save images and tweet it on human detection. It will be helpful as a surveillance camera during your absence. In your room, or at your entrance door, or as a camera for intercom, “iLook” can guard you much more smarter with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This app can recognize human by analyzing the captured images in real-time. I stuck to graphics and interface design with homage to “HAL 9000” as a computer’s surveillance.

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2012- | app, alternate reality


FILE Festival

2013-2015 | exhibition, app, arart


“The Girl with a Pearl Earring” Motion for ARART

2012 | animation, illustration


ICC Kids Program 2013

2013 | exhibition, workshop, app, arart


ARART Exhibition

2012 | exhibition, app, arart, poster design


ARART Double Sense

2013 | exhibition, app, arart



2011 | app, installation, lighting system



2011 | app, animation



2012 | app, human detection, computer visions


Tears for Colors.

2011 | installation, interactive device, iamas graduate work


Happy Holidays

2012 | graphic


Shabondama deco.

2010 | installation, lighting system